The October Testament

The October Testament is an updated version of the Testament written by William Tyndale and included in the Matthew Bible. I had not heard of the Matthew Bible before this, and was a little surprised by how it formed the basis for the King James Version. After reading through Matthew and Mark, the similarity is clear, though.

This updated version retains most of the original language, but some of what we would call archaic and obscure words have been updated into words that we are more familiar with. Even though it is a centuries old translation, it is pretty easy to read. I think the updates have made it easier to read than the King James Version. The beauty of how the Matthew Bible reads has been retained, but in a way that people can understand today.

The layout is clear and easy to read. The single column helps you stay focused on where you are reading, and the notes and cross references on either side are accessible, but don’t distract you. I think that the October Testament would be good for both reading and study use.

I was provided with a free copy of Matthew’s and Mark’s gospels to review by the publisher. This did not influence my review in any way.

For more on the October Testament translation, see the Preface.

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