Meeting Moses

Being able to help kids learn about the Bible and want to read it can be difficult. Having a book that gives an overview in an interesting way can be a big step toward a child picking up a Bible and reading it. Robert Chasin introduces kids to a great man of faith in Meeting Moses.

With the events of the Old Testament occurring thousands of years ago, kids can have a hard time with them. Some might not even realize that the people in in the Bible really existed. Meeting Moses presents a Bible hero in a new format, one that will appeal to children.

The book is short and easy to understand. Young children will be able to enjoy listening to it being read, and older children can enjoy it on their own.Some of the main points of Moses’ life, ones that adults are familiar with, are told so that children can read about them. Though the book is not meant to be an in-depth account, it can help parents get their kids interested. It serves as a good place to start in teaching kids about Moses.

Matt Roussel’s illustrations are great, and help readers to see what the story is about. The pictures are descriptive and high quality and really add to the book.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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