Symphony of Heroes

symphonyofheroesThe battle rages on as more dark rulers try to take over the land of the Pneuma’s followers. As the war expands to three fronts, it becomes more than one group can handle on their own. People who want to help step up and fight to turn the tide. Julius Buchanan tells the story of this Symphony of Heroes.

As a sequel to Sunlight, Symphony of Heroes continues the story and has the same central characters. Though they have gained understanding, they still face trouble letting go and trusting the Pneuma to do what is right.

Besides being a good story, there are several truths that we can learn from it. Each character has to learn to trust the Pneuma in all situations, just as we have to learn to trust God. The book also shows that we should be concerned about the audience of One, we must share our burdens with others for support, we need to take time to rest in God, and that we need to be humble but not self-deprecating.

The story was easy to follow and I enjoyed reading it. I could relate to the spiritual struggles that many of the characters endured, and I believe that Symphony of Heroes can be used to help readers, especially young readers, better understand some aspects of dying to self. One quote in particular that stood out is “That’s the wonderful thing about forgiveness, Chief. It executes what’s already dead, without harming the good.”

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through the book review program in exchange for this review.

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