True Identity

There are a lot of sources that teens turn to in their search for a personal identity, all the different types of media, celebrities, people around them. This can lead many teens to form a mixed up, and even flat out wrong view of who they are supposed to be. Our true identity, no matter […]

The Martyr’s Oath

Christians know about persecution, we’ve been warned by Jesus that it will happen. However, many of us don’t face anything worse than name calling and being avoided. There have been millions in other countries that have been beaten, imprisoned, and killed for following Christ. In The Martyr’s Oath, Johnnie Moore leaves us with a simple […]

Box of Awesome Things

What’s better than something awesome? A whole box of awesome things. Now you can introduce your child to all kinds of things that are great, all while they have fun. With 38 cards, plus two that you can use to make your own matched set, kids can play and learn. The rules are simple, so […]

A Stone’s Throw

I had a meeting with someone I was planning to work with on projects. He was detained and didn’t get to the meeting on time. After we finished discussing the idea, he again apologized for being late, and I told him that I would have to be perfect in order to get upset about it. […]

The Delusion

Owen Edmond’s new school is plagued by a rash of suicides. He does his best to not let things get to him, but a terrible experience leaves him able to see the real cause behind the suicides. At first, he thinks he’s going crazy, but he comes to realize that everyone else is under The […]

Crown of Souls

Cole Russell thought he was finally going to be able to move on, maybe even leave the “Tox” moniker behind. Until he and those close to him are again drawn into a race to stop a threat to innocent people. Crown of Souls is the second book in The Tox Files, and like the first […]


I frequently break down long words and see what other words can be made from the letters, so a game where you’re given letters and play to form words seemed like a good thing to try. The instructions are simple, and you can get started playing the game in just a few minutes. Though there […]

Worn Out by Obedience

As Christians, we want to serve God. We want to use what He has given us to glorify Him, but what happens when we get worn down? What do we do when the pressures of the world get to us and we find it hard to continue in our service? Ron Moore shows the way […]

As a Shield

Davis Morgan moved back to his hometown of Adairsville to get a fresh start. While helping his daughter prepare for her marriage, he finds himself involved in a dangerous mystery. As he tries to get to the bottom of it, he finds out that God really does surround him As a Shield. Throughout the story, […]

Fatal Trust

Ian Wells does his best to do the right thing. He isn’t out to become a rich lawyer, but instead tries to be fair. With mounting bills and his mother’s health declining, a new client promising a substantial fee sounds like just what he needs. However, he finds himself in something bigger than he first […]