How to Overcome Worry

With all the stress we face, worry seems like a given. Even though we are warned against it many times in the Bible, we still suffer from it. Reading Bible passages about God meeting our needs to often turns into an empty ritual. However, there is a way that we can take comfort in God’s […]

The Second Listening Book

If you have been a Christian for a while, or been around them for a while, it is common to hear the same Biblical concepts over and over. This can lead to your eyes glazing over and you thinking of something else instead of listening. In The Second Listening Book, James Webb adds a twists […]

Meeting Moses

Being able to help kids learn about the Bible and want to read it can be difficult. Having a book that gives an overview in an interesting way can be a big step toward a child picking up a Bible and reading it. Robert Chasin introduces kids to a great man of faith in Meeting […]

The October Testament

The October Testament is an updated version of the Testament written by William Tyndale and included in the Matthew Bible. I had not heard of the Matthew Bible before this, and was a little surprised by how it formed the basis for the King James Version. After reading through Matthew and Mark, the similarity is […]


As if being contacted by a strange man and being told they have been selected to join an elite interstellar program wasn’t enough, Dillon and Sean Kirrel find out that they aren’t even normal by the program’s standards. This begins an intense training time for both boys, and leads to them fighting to protect all […]

King’s Blood

Following the fall of the five kingdoms, the refugees sail for unknown lands. Along the way, they must deal with the treachery that caused the fall, and those on the side of good face constant opposition from those who want evil to triumph. In King’s Blood, Jill Williamson has done a great job creating a […]

The Story Travelers Bible

Introducing kids to the Bible as soon as you can helps form a foundation for reading it throughout their lives. This, in turn, lets them learn to turn to God’s word for guidance. The Story Travelers Bible serves as a good introduction for children to the Bible. Admittedly, most Bibles are not going to hold […]

Paul the Apostle

The story of Paul found in Acts shows how he went from persecuting Christians to preaching Christ. The lessons found in this book are helpful for all Christians, but may not be something that younger Christians can easily connect with. Paul the Apostle helps bridge that gap by telling the story of Paul in a […]

Love Your Work

Today, staying with the same employer for most of your career is an exception. Most workers will face a job change several times in their lives. Some changes are by choice, others are forced on the employees. How do you handle these changes? What if the problem is that you feel unfulfilled in your current job? […]

Where the Four Roads Merge

Four gospels, each written by a different person for a different audience. How are they similar? How can you get the whole picture of the events told in each one? It can be hard to compare each gospel. Though they agree on the ultimate message, some have more details than others, and some relate events […]