WOW! The Good News in Four Words

How do you communicate the gospel to children? They aren’t going to understand terms like propitiation, they need words they can understand. Of course, colorful pictures help. Dandi Daley Mackall gives parents a way to easily share the gospel with kids in Wow! The Good News in Four Words. Using the words Wow, Uh-Oh, Yes, […]

I’ll Push You

What would it look like if we lived out our love? If we set ourselves aside to help others? Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray find out as they complete a 500 mile pilgrimage, one in a wheelchair, the other pushing. I’ll Push You chronicles the journey of two friends as they travel the Camino de […]

Hacking Growth

Many of the large websites started out small, and grew their user base through out of the box methods. Sean Ellis and Morgan Brown share their experiences with growing businesses in these unique ways in Hacking Growth. Part of what I do is marketing, so I was interested in finding out what this book had […]

The Most Misused Stories in the Bible

Like most people who have been in church for several years, I have heard the popular Bible stories many times. I like to be able to trust the person telling it to be correct in applying it to our lives, but people can mess up. Unfortunately, sometimes people continue in believing the wrong meaning of […]

Bible Sleuth: New Testament

Most kids are curious and enjoy finding hidden things. Bible Sleuth: New Testament lets kids combine this fun with stories from the Bible. There are selected passages from the New Testament that are illustrated as scenes full of people and things to look at. With each one, there are certain people and things to find […]

The Maggie Bright

After she is willed a yacht, Clare Childs intends to sail solo in it around the world. When a stranger comes aboard looking for something, her plans take a backseat to a much greater cause. Tracy Groot’s The Maggie Bright is good in many ways. The characters are well developed and you can imagine that […]


After being brought together through inexplicable circumstances, Brenda, Tank, Andi, and the Professor find themselves drawn into mysterious events. Each of them have different ideas about the cause, and different levels of interest in finding the answer. However, they form into a team, of sorts, as they learn more about their strange Invitation. Though they […]

How to Overcome Worry

With all the stress we face, worry seems like a given. Even though we are warned against it many times in the Bible, we still suffer from it. Reading Bible passages about God meeting our needs to often turns into an empty ritual. However, there is a way that we can take comfort in God’s […]

The Second Listening Book

If you have been a Christian for a while, or been around them for a while, it is common to hear the same Biblical concepts over and over. This can lead to your eyes glazing over and you thinking of something else instead of listening. In The Second Listening Book, James Webb adds a twists […]

Meeting Moses

Being able to help kids learn about the Bible and want to read it can be difficult. Having a book that gives an overview in an interesting way can be a big step toward a child picking up a Bible and reading it. Robert Chasin introduces kids to a great man of faith in Meeting […]