First off, you may be asking yourself what the Grfx Box is (or, more likely, how to say it. Grfx is a shorthand version of graphics, and is pronounced the same way). That is a name that I use to set myself apart from the other people named Phillip Cole, as there are quite a few. You can visit the About Me page to learn more about me personally.

This began as my website as a freelancer. I did graphic design work, like business cards and websites. That type of work is now done through Inkcentricity, a branch of Cole Family Enterprise. If you need something like that done, you can contact me through either site.

Now, this is more of a place for me to do hobby graphic work. I will use this to share pictures I take or create that aren’t for a particular project, or that can be used by others. How many will appear and how quickly they will appear remains to be seen.