Country Kitchen Cookbook

I grew up in a rural area with strong ties to the way food was done in the country. I learned about the recipes passed down from mothers to daughters and shared with good friends. Looking at the recipes in this book brought back the memories of sitting down to eat meals made from scratch. […]

Taking Flight

In the past, people who learned differently, regardless of the cause, were pushed along and expected to conform to normal expectations. This resulted in many of them dropping through cracks and feeling like they were broken. There is now a better line of thinking that they are not only not broken, but equipped to do […]

The Importance of Now

Growing up without his dad, Aiden wants to know what he was like. Though his mother is hesitant, she lets Aiden look at letters that tell the story of his dad’s life. Through it all, Aiden learns that there is often more to people that shows on the surface and how forgiveness serves an important […]

The Weight of Memory

Given a few months, at most, to live, Paul Elias sets off to his hometown to find a new family for his granddaughter, Pearl. Stories that Pearl tells bring up memories from Paul’s younger days, and visiting his hometown makes things even more complicated, and dangerous. Shawn Smucker has a unique way of telling a […]

The 12th Imam

The end times have been written about by numerous people. Even so, this book is unique in how the story is told. Seemingly unrelated events come together and reveal that the world is in the last days. People who missed out on the Rapture realize that the trouble has just begun. Though Christians are not […]

On the Spectrum

Growing up, I never heard about autism. I was out of college before I even met someone that had been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. However, I want to know as much as I can about how to help them, especially when it comes to serving in church. That made this book one […]

Right Cross

John Cross wants to leave his old life behind, but it seems to keep coming back. Asked to do one more mission for the Company, he agrees, but gets more than he bargained for. Swept back into the world of danger and intrigue, Cross will have to once again use his skills while working to […]

The Paris Betrayal

Ben Calix experiences many problems after he is given severance. Throughout all the trouble, he maintains his loyalty and duty. He also learns that there is more at play in life than he expected. Starting with page one, the action grabs you and doesn’t let go. Each page makes you want to turn to the […]

Return of the God Hypothesis

For a long time, people have tried to fill their need for God by relying on science. It is a fairly widespread belief that science has disproven God, but there are discoveries that show this to be incorrect. Stephen C. Meyer addresses three of the major ones in Return of the God Hypothesis. Science has […]

Being a Christian Without Being an Idiot!

There are ideas in Christianity that have become “canon,” but are not really true. Some are from people being overzealous, others came from honest mistakes. Brad Stine address several of these in Being a Christian Without Being an Idiot! I’ve been a fan of Brad Stine’s comedy for a long time, so I was eager […]