Can We Trust the Gospels?

Discrediting the validity of the Bible would mean the the foundation of Christianity would be damaged. The Gospels are under specific attack since they speak about the life of Jesus. Can we be sure that they can be trusted and is there any other evidence that supports their trustworthiness? Peter J. Williams is sure they […]

What If It’s True?

What if it is true? People have been asking this question about the life of Jesus for centuries. Their eternal destination hangs on the answer they choose. To answer the question, you have to know the facts. Though many books have been written about Jesus, His ministry, death, and resurrection, this one approaches it in […]

Try Not to Laugh Challenge Joke Book

There are many times in life that we need to use our sense of humor and just laugh. Having a few jokes in your back pocket gives you something to help you or someone else take a laugh break. The Try Not to Laugh Challenge Joke Book has a lot of jokes meant to be […]

Scary God

Hearing people say that you need to fear God is pretty common, but there are also people that say fear has no place in following God. God can be scary, but not in the way horror movies portray fear. God is to be feared out of knowledge of what He can do, has done, and […]

Mark of the Raven

Selene is heir to her family’s gift of dreamwalking, and is being trained by her mother to learn all the skills, including killing. But there is something that tugs at Selene, and she wonders if the glory her mother seeks is really her destiny. After walking in Lord Damien’s dreams, she finds out that there […]

Speed of Sight

Pete Plain doesn’t understand why so many things are going wrong. He has trouble at school and at home, and then his friend wants him to hide a banned comic book. That act sets Pete on a journey that he never imagined as he learns about the Speed of Sight. After Pete experiences the comic […]

Lies We Tell Our Kids

Sometimes parents find themselves stretching the truth in order to get their kids to listen or do something. Though there are common examples, Brett Wagner has added some new ones to the mix in Lies We Tell Our Kids. I first thought the book was going to include more of the fibs I heard growing […]

Weird War 2

History books generally give an overview of World War Two. Books specifically about the war go more in depth, but there are some strange events and battle plans that get left of all those books. Weird War 2 covers a selection of topics that prove fast can be stranger than fiction. The book starts with […]

The Portable Seminary

Each Christian is called to read and study the Bible, that’s how we learn about God and His will. Church leaders are expected to go a step further and get some kind of education to help them in teaching and leading where they serve. Since everyone doesn’t have the time or funds to spend on […]

Thirst of Steel

Thirst of Steel continues the edge of your seat action that the whole series has had. Ronie Kendig does a remarkable job in writing a story that is fast-paced and really hard to stop reading. With each page, you want to keep going and find out what is going to happen next. Though most of […]