People being rude seems to have gotten worse in recent years, but it is far from a new problem. The idea that self comes before others has been around for a long time, but it being accepted more and more as the norm. This shouldn’t be the case, and, as Steven Michael Selzer conveys in […]

James (Everyday Bible Commentary Series)

The book of James has a lot of guidance in it, but it may not always be easy to understand the nuances of the verses. A commentary can help, and one that is in plain language is that much better. The Everyday Bible Commentary on James unpacks the book so that it is understandable by […]


Anna is a scientist for the PSC, but is also secretly a Christian. This cannot be leaked out, as all religion has been banned. After the announcement of alien life is made, she abandons her faith. Through all that happens, she learns that God never abandoned her. Remnant has several things going for it, and […]


Princess Wren feels trapped in her home, not allowed to leave the kingdom, or even fully enjoy being outside. Learning how to use a sword awakens a desire to see more than her immediate surroundings, but her journey creates new troubles. She goes from feeling trapped to being Indebted. The story pulls you in quickly, […]

The String

A strange man has created a group of people that he uses to involve more people and work towards an unknown end. Markus Haas has been “recruited,” but he aims to stop the man and break The String. I was intrigued by the description of the book, and once I started reading it, I didn’t […]

Classics Reimagined, The Time Machine

I read The Time Machine when I was younger, so I was familiar with the plot. This is the original story, with illustrations added to enhance the telling. The story itself is one that well crafted, and piques your interest. No matter what your opinion on time travel is, the ideas presented in The Time […]

Psalms- Everyday Bible Commentary

Psalms is the longest book in the Bible, and there are all kinds of subjects contained in it. Praise, lament, joy, and prayers or thanksgiving are all found in within the chapters. Understanding the reasons each psalm was written will give you a better grasp of what they mean to you. The Psalms- Everyday Bible […]

The Chicken Whisperer’s Guide to Zero-Waste Chicken Keeping

We just started raising chickens again, and I want to learn more about it, especially when it comes to impact on the property. The Chicken Whisperer’s Guide to Zero-Waste Chicken Keeping looked like a good place to start for that. From the beginning, there are ideas on how you can keep chickens without creating waste. […]

Fanatic Surviving

After receiving the vote for the Reclaim, Dove is back home. But the struggle is not over as her grandmother intends to set the vote right. This sends Dove on a journey that will put her through even more danger. Her story continues in Erin Lorence’s Fanatic Surviving. The book picks up several months after […]

Storm Rising

Storm Rising is another captivating book from Ronie Kendig. Leif Metcalfe, while still puzzling over past events, is thrust into a mission involving a plot to bring about the Apocalypse. As if that weren’t enough, he finds more trouble along the way. With all the struggles faced by the characters, the plot is easy to […]