After It’s Over

Following the lock-down and shortages during COVID, this book takes the aftermath down a different path that forces mankind to make the decision to either help one another or take what they need by force. Reece was able to escape the cities before things got bad and he found a place that he could live. […]

Defiant Joy

While Christians have plenty to be joyful about, there are times that we misunderstand what joy is. It is often used as a synonym for happiness, so when bad times hit, we think that we’re failing because we’re not happy. Jennifer Michelle Greenberg seeks to dispel that in Defiant Joy by sharing what joy actually […]


I was too young to know anything about the Challenger tragedy when it occurred. I learned about it in school, but it wasn’t in any great detail. While I was still young, space became one of my favorite topics, and Challenger had a place in that, even if I didn’t know much about it. When […]

The Pilgrim’s Progress for the 21st Century

The Pilgrim’s Progress is a classic work that shows an example of living as a Christian and facing the challenges of the world. David Harakal brings the story into modern times with The Pilgrim’s Progress for the 21st Century. The overall themes are still intact, as are the challenges that the Pilgrim family face on […]

Pilgrims of Stone and Saber

Pilgrim has been given the responsibility of the Lodestone. With that comes challenges and danger, both to which she must learn how to deal with. Pilgrim endures problems while being guided by the Lodestone to a goal that she does not know. Though surrounded with fantasy elements, there are many illustrations that are familiar Christian […]

The Bible Atlas

We are years removed from the events recorded in the Bible. It can be hard to connect what we read with the areas involved. The Bible Atlas works to help bridge that gap. It is filled with colorful pictures and illustrations that allow readers to see what the Bible passages are talking about. Maps are […]


I grew up at the end of the analogue age, though digital took a little longer to become the dominant form in my area. Digital is great in many ways, but there is something to be said for analogue. It has a character that cannot be replicated in the same way in digital format. Looking […]

The Liberty Box

The United States is now a republic ruled through brainwashing and making sure any usurpers are dealt with in a way that dissuades others from following suit. People are happy with their illusions, but there are people that think things are not be as good as everybody else imagines. And their number is growing as […]

Universal Principles of Branding

Branding is something that is not limited to large businesses and organizations. Even small, local businesses need to be aware of how people see them as a brand. This book breaks down 100 concepts that go into a brand and explains them in a way that is easy to understand. To help readers, there are […]

The Introvert’s Guide to Success in the Workplace

Growing up, introverts like me were often told that we needed to open up and be more outgoing. Being an introvert was seen as a problem. Now, introversion isn’t seen as a disorder, but as a strength. Dr. Mike Bechtle writes about how introverts can be able to be active in the work force without […]