The Sacred Meaning of Everyday Work

In the beginning, work was called good by God. It was given to mankind after creation, to tend and take care of what God had made. Sin changed that and now work is often considered to be close to punishment. Robert Tribken believes that this mindset needs to change and can change if we realize […]

Following Jesus in a Digital Age

There is both opposition to and support of technology, specifically social media, in the Christian life. At the most basic level, the internet and the sites it includes are tools, neither good or bad. Their purposes and intent are formed by those who use them. Social media is no different, but it can be much […]

Principles of Logo Design

As a graphic designer, I find logos to be one of the more challenging aspects of my work. Finding the balance between simplicity, meaning, easy to remember, and other factors is not always an easy task. When I saw this book, I knew that it would be a good read. In it, there is plenty […]

The Titus Ten

God gave men the role of protecting and providing; they are leaders. The meaning of godly leadership has been skewed over the years and we need to return to it. The Titus Ten lays out how men are called to live. Using the book of Titus, J. Josh Smith presents simple ways that men can […]

Adventuring Through the Bible

The updated version of Ray C. Stedman’s guide holds much information that is helpful to those of us that are far removed by time and distance from the periods in the Bible. There are timelines, pictures, breakdowns of both books and events, and so much more that can help you better understand what happened in […]

See the Good

Negativity seems to be at the forefront. News headlines focus on the bad things that have happened, social media posts highlight what went wrong or who did wrong, and people in general can be heard to criticize people and things around them. Is this how is is supposed to be? If not, what should we […]

Smells Like Bacon

I once heard that there is a difference between friendly people and friends. We all need someone we can count on, and we should be someone others can count on. As odd as the title may sound, this book shares about both sides of friendship. Using humor and the Bible, Eddie James and Tommy Woodard […]

Old-Time Country Wisdom and Lore for Hearth and Home

Being able to make what you need appeals to many people. Some just want to reduce what they have to buy, others many want to be totally self-sufficient. Either way, this book can be helpful. You’ll find information ranging from recipes to making wool to homemade remedies. Even at surface level, this book is an […]

Old-Time Country Wisdom and Lore for Garden and Trail

Growing your own food has become popular for several reasons; price, knowing the source of your food, or wanting to return to how it used to be done. Regardless of why, this book has information that you can use. It covers topics that will help you prepare for planting, making the garden and growing the […]

Country Kitchen Cookbook

I grew up in a rural area with strong ties to the way food was done in the country. I learned about the recipes passed down from mothers to daughters and shared with good friends. Looking at the recipes in this book brought back the memories of sitting down to eat meals made from scratch. […]