Fooled U

Growing up, several of my classmates told me they thought I was smart. Since I wanted to belong, I tended to lap that up. At some point in high school, I credit it to my Psych/Soc class, I redefined my notion of smart. I decided that being able to remember random facts and information for […]

Dangerous Good

Though it is not always popular, masculinity still has a role to play in the world. Not the macho, “look what I can do,” or the, “I’m better because I’m a man” masculinity, but men who step up and show love to others. It’s time to remove the stigma that bad actions have placed on […]

100 Bible Stories for Children

Giving your children an early start in hearing and reading the Bible helps them to stick with it as they grow up. 100 Bible Stories for Children helps provide a foundation of Bible reading for children. Each of the selected stories, starting in Genesis and ending in Revelation, are written in a way that kids […]

The Forgotten Church

Most of the advertising of churches comes from large churches in the city. Many books are aimed to help urban churches grow. Rural churches, especially ones with small membership rolls, are often ignored. Glenn Daman shares how these churches are still important to God and His work in The Forgotten Church. I am a member […]

The Wounded Shadow

Willet Dura and the rest of the Vigil must find how to stop the evil of the Darkwater. This is made harder by distrust, and by the Darkwater wanting to stop them. Who is going to be the victor? The Wounded Shadow is the final book of The Darkwater Saga and continues the well written […]

The Kremlin Conspiracy

Marcus Ryker married his high school sweetheart and served his country, first in the Marines, then in the Secret Service. After a terrible accident, he resigns, but he will soon be thrust into an operation to stop a self proclaimed Russian czar in The Kremlin Conspiracy. There are several elements that make the book one […]


There is a group that believes the world would be better off without Christians and Christianity. Have Christians caused all the trouble and discord they get blamed for? Or has Christianity had a positive influence? Jeremiah J. Johnson’s Unimaginable shows how societies have been with and without Christianity in a concise format. I wanted to […]

The Golden Vial

After losing her family, all Dally knows is servitude and fear. Then, she is contacted by Queen Shona and given the opportunity to save her hometown, Hyam, and the country. All she has to do is find The Golden Vial. This is a fantasy book, but there are several points that can be taken from […]

Losing the Cape

Superheroes are the subjects of the most popular movies and shows. Watching our favorite heroes jump in to save the day gives us hope. In fact, most kids fantasize about being one superhero or another. These fantasies can even last into adulthood. What happens when we try to serve God and realize that we don’t […]

The Land Lord

Agent Dain Ryder is placed on White House duty, which is not as exciting as what he is used to. However, he is soon pulled into a small group that has to stop a plot aimed to take over two countries while eliminating anyone who gets in the way. He finds that is it difficult […]