Silent Days, Holy Night

As Julia Russell prepares for the Christmas gala at Emerald Crest, she recalls the events that led to her meeting Henry Lafferty the second, and the friendship that came from the meeting. Through everything that happened that year, she learned valuable lessons and helped one man and the rest of the town come together. Phyllis […]

Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts are mentioned several times in the New Testament. Once someone accepts Christ as their Savior, they are given a spiritual gift. Though that belief is accepted, many wonder about what the gifts are, and are all of them still given today. Thomas R. Schreiner addresses these questions in Spiritual Gifts: What They Are […]

Everyday Glory

Is it possible that Christians have become so focused on the glory of God coming in the end, that we miss His glory all around us now? There have been arguments for both sides of this topic, but Gerald R. McDermott writes that, while we wait for Jesus to return in glory, we shouldn’t ignore […]

Your Outlook

There are plenty of police shows on, and they vary in location, audience, and other details, but there is one thing that several of them share. The police on these shows have a condescending disdain for suspects. Even the ones that prove to be innocent are thought of as guilty scum. I don’t condone the […]

The Ultimate Bible Knowledge Challenge

The Bible holds a lot of history, and the best news anyone could hear. While it is important to read and study the Bible, having other resources can be helpful. The Ultimate Bible Knowledge Challenge, by Stan Toler, is one such resource to use. Arranged in four parts, the book covers a vast array of […]


The story of the Romanov family, and their execution, has intrigued people for a long time. We don’t know all of the details of the events that surround the abdication of Tsar Nicolas and the subsequent deaths of he and his family, so speculation has run rampant. Nadine Brandes has told what is known, and […]

The Christmas Stalking

Country music star Destiny returns to a place from her childhood, and her real name of Holly Stone, to avoid a stalker that has been threatening her. Arriving in a small town in New York, she thinks she will be safe, but she quickly finds out that isn’t the case in Lillian Duncan’s The Christmas […]

The Common Rule

On the go. Always connected. Days full of activity. This has become the norm, but is it what we need? Is there a better way? After experiencing severe anxiety, Justin Whitmel Earley found out that there is, and he shares what he’d learned in The Common Rule. Whether we realize it or not, habits play […]

Find Your Fit Discovery Workbook

There are so many choices of careers available that it can be hard for high school students to decide what direction to go in. What goes into making that kind of decision, and what classes are going to be needed? The Find Your Fit Discovery Workbook gives students a place to start. The workbook is […]

Worship Essentials

All too often, the word worship brings to mind songs, videos, and bands, and whether you prefer one style or another. These are not what worship is about. Just focusing on the methods has created divisions instead of unity. In Worship Essentials, Mike Harland writes about what worship is, how churches have lost sight of […]