The Sacredness of Secular Work

Are those that work in fields outside of the church’s structure doing wrong for not being active ministers? This is something that many struggle with since they are not able to share the gospel all the time. Jordan Raynor tells those people that they do not need to worry because God sees value in their […]

Practicing the Way

This book presents a different angle on discipleship. Among many things that Comer brings up, one that stuck out is to quit using disciple as a verb, it is a noun. A disciple is something we are. He continues and shows how it should be a way of life. Not just a step by step […]

The Encyclopedia of the Weird and Wonderful

I’m a big fan of trivia, so a book called The Encyclopedia of the Weird and Wonderful caught my attention. It lives up to its name as you can find all sorts of information about odd topics. The colorful illustrations and graphics will hold the attention of all ages while the facts will give them […]

The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to Tolkien’s World

The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings series are some of my favorite books. They are books that draw you in and make you feel like you are there. However, it is not always easy for me to keep the characters and events from mixing together. Add to that me not being able to […]

Client Magnet

I was interested in this book as I am always looking for ways that I can connect with more clients for my business. I also planned to use what I learned to better help the clients I have reach their customers. Some of the tips are outside my league or market at this time, but […]

Universal Principles of Design

This book contains design rules and guidelines that cover all kinds of design concepts and disciplines. There is a lot of information in the book, but it organized clearly and the index makes it easy to find what you are looking for. No matter what your experience with design is, there will be something in […]

Two Yellow Cabooses

I am not always sure what to expect when I read a book by an author I am not familiar with, but I got a great story out of reading Two Yellow Cabooses. Mickey Tucker has it rough in life and school. However, he finds help, and a friend, in Abe Loomis. Through his guidance, […]

Pastoring Small Towns

Small churches can get left out when training new pastors is done. Sometimes, it is because people don’t realize how different a small town can be from a larger town or city. Ronnie Martin and Donnie Griggs have done a great job of drawing out how being a pastor in these often rural areas stands […]

Dictionary of Paul and His Letters

Paul wrote a large chunk of the New Testament and his letters are frequently used for Bible studies. Though this is a revision of a previously released book, I did not know that this book existed. A collection of information about Paul’s letters would be handy to have for anyone that leads any type of […]

Writing for Impact

There are many different ideas about how to write well, but most seem to focus on the grammar and structure of the writing. While important, that is not going to get readers to stay engaged. Writing for Impact is meant to bridge the gap that other books about writing leave. It talks about sentence structure […]