Merchant of Alyss

MerchantOfAlyssAfter losing his abilities while defeating the crimson mage, Hyam must now cope with that loss. However, he is called into action again to fight another evil power, one that has upped the stakes by casting a spell on Hyam’s wife, Joelle. Will he succeed? Thomas Locke shares the story in Merchant of Alyss.

As a sequel to EmissaryMerchant of Alyss picks up from where it left off. After having settled into a different, but mostly enjoyable life, Hyam and Joelle are thrust back into danger and a quest to save others from darkness. This is a quest that will change the how people see each other, and relationships of people groups, relationships that have stood for years on end.

Hyam faces many challenges, both internal and external, and he has to reconnect with the fact that he has a purpose. Through following along with his struggles, we can see things that we face. He has to change how he looks at himself; instead of basing his identity on his abilities, he has to base it on who he is. Hyam deals with putting others ahead of himself. He would rather not have to be the hero people call him, but he knows that he has a responsibility.

Locke has written another great book. I had waited for it to come out since I read Emissary, and I was not disappointed. I got lost in the story and wanted to keep reading to get to what came next. The descriptions allow you to picture the events and feel for the characters when they suffer setbacks or see success.

I received a complimentary copy of Merchant of Alyss from Revell in exchange for my honest review.

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