102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament

This book takes a different course on its Bible studies. Each topic begins with a brief overview and then moves onto questions about the topic. However, instead of giving answers, it tells where you can read about it in the Bible. I like it when you need to have your Bible open when you’re doing a Bible study, this helps you see the points in their proper context.

Some of the questions are open-ended, and are meant to make you think how the topic applies to you, how you’ve seen it at work in your life, or how you can put it into action. There are also memory verses for each topic that you can use to help you keep the lesson in mind.

102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament covers a wide range of topics, and they are divided into categories that address the life of Christ, the book of Acts, Paul’s letters, general letters, Revelation, and doctrine. You can find answers to most of the questions you’ll encounter about the New Testament in the book. It would be helpful for anyone that wants to go deeper in the New Testament.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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