Pizza starts of by telling a little about pizza, and how it is viewed in different countries. Although their view of pizza is different than what most Americans call pizza, Pippa Cuthbert & Lindsay Cameron Wilson do a good job of sharing the options that are out there.

After this brief overview, information about the ingredients that into pizzas, from the crust to the toppings is given. The different types of ingredients that can be used are described so that you have a good understanding and can choose the ones you want. The various methods of cooking, and how they affect the finished product are outlined. With all of this, you can expand the ways you see and make pizzas.

After the basics are covered, recipes for all kinds of pizzas are shared. These can be used as is, or mixed and matched to make even more flavors. The recipes are easy to follow, and pictures are included so that you can see the finished product. I found this feature helpful as I like to see what the end result is before I start.

Though I understand their point and how the flavor would most likely be better, I’m just too used to the plain ole pizza I eat to switch all the way. However, I am will to try some of the recipes to broaden my horizons. I found a few ideas that looked interesting, and I plan to give them a try.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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