After being wrongfully imprisoned, Danny Byrd is surprised to be suddenly up for release. If that wasn’t strange enough, he soon gets caught up in a whirlwind project to shoot a movie. Davis Bunn’s Unscripted tells how Danny gets back with old friends, finds new ones, and finds forgiveness.

As with all of Davis Bunn’s books, this one has a great story. One that holds your attention and carries a moral lesson. The characters’ descriptions and personalities are realistic and easy to relate to. They seem to be people that you would expect to meet if you were in their area. The action of the book drew me in during the first chapter, and didn’t let go. It had my attention up until the last sentence, and even then I wasn’t ready for it to end.

Several of the characters have to face something in their lives and decide if they are going to maintain the status quo, or go for something better. Danny has to face several issues related to his arrest and imprisonment, ones that stand in his way of becoming what his friends see in him. I really enjoyed the element of working for the underdogs and those who weren’t “important” enough to be noticed by the upper levels of society.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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