There’s more to this blog besides the catchy name, or maybe there isn’t. The main focus on our end is to have a place to put ideas.

Throughout the day, we have several thoughts that fly rampant around about the inside of our craniums. Some actually escape before they can be captured for posterity, but others are trapped inside, and we can remember them from time to time. These are the ones that you’ll see here.

We don’t expect them to grace the pages of best-selling book, or even get much further than this blog. But, if you’re here reading this, then you can read those thoughts. And maybe, just maybe, you might get something from them. You may laugh, cry, snirtle (wanted to see if you were paying attention), or come away with a new understanding about something. Though they may get out in left field, or even over the center field wall, at times, this lets us express them.


OK, that was the crazy section, now for the more subdued, and saner version. This blog was started when two of us were talking about having a way to record thoughts that we have. Phillip (who maintains the site, and writes the crazy entries) had already wanted to start a blog, and suggested a blog. Jack (who writes normal entries) agreed. The thoughts you see here are ones that come to us just observing life. God’s fingerprints and handiwork can be seen all around. These are some things we learn along the way.

There are some other types of entries, such as book reviews (Phillip gets free books in exchange for the review), and Phillip may write random thoughts (they’re harmless, but not always spiritually edifying, technically), but most of the posts will fit the devotional category. If you have anything to add, you can leave a comment (though keep it on topic, and keep it godly).

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