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I already liked Davis Bunn, so I was excited to start Outbreak. His books have been ones that I wanted to read through without stopping, and this one was no different. After the first chapter, I was intrigued. After the second chapter, I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to put it down anytime soon. […]

A Week in the Life of a Slave

The book of Philemon is often used in studies on forgiveness. Not much is written for us to know the backstory. All we know is that Onesimus was absent from the house of Philemon, and Paul wrote on his behalf. One might wonder what happened to lead up to the letter. In A Week in […]

The Kingdom of the Cults

Groups that claim to worship the same God as Christians have been around for a long time. Often times, they share similarities with Christianity, but they also hold to beliefs that are very different, and spiritually dangerous. In The Kingdom of the Cults, 13 cults are outlined in depth, with 4 others examined as well. […]

Excellent Engineering

Kids need ways to express creativity, and building projects let them do that while they learn about engineering principles. In Excellent Engineering, Rob Beattie and Sam Peet share 35 projects for children to build from things that are either already on hand or easy to get. There is a variety of projects to choose from, […]

Rubber Band Engineer

When you see a rubber band, you almost always start thinking of uses for it. Sure, you could just wrap it around a stack of papers to hold them together, but shooting it across the room is much more fun. However, you could try bigger projects, and really stretch the uses of rubber bands. In […]

Kids Say the Wisest Things

Oftentimes, adults think that we are here to teach kids, and that we know what they need to know. However, there are times that we can learn from kids as they have a different outlook on what goes on. When it comes to God and the Bible, we adults need to remember that we don’t […]

102 Fascinating Bible Studies on the New Testament

This book takes a different course on its Bible studies. Each topic begins with a brief overview and then moves onto questions about the topic. However, instead of giving answers, it tells where you can read about it in the Bible. I like it when you need to have your Bible open when you’re doing […]


After someone stalked and attacked Denilyn, it hurt her marriage, emotions, and faith. Now, she has worked through it, or thought she has. Soon, the events begin again, and she has to come to grips with something she has been trying to avoid in Ginny L. Yttrup’s Convergence. I wasn’t sure what to expect from […]

American Omens

Americans are being subtly influenced by the technology they’ve grown to trust. A band of people led by a mysterious man sets out to reveal the conspiracy of a secret group to control the American people. In American Omens, Travis Thrasher weaves a story that, while being fiction, seems like it could become reality. The […]

Layout Essentials

Slapping some words and pictures on a page and calling it done rarely works. Planning for the design helps keep the final result readable and organized. In Layout Essentials, Beth Tondreau shares 100 ways to use grids in designs. The book is full of practical tips to use to make sure people can understand what […]