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Fanatic Surviving

After receiving the vote for the Reclaim, Dove is back home. But the struggle is not over as her grandmother intends to set the vote right. This sends Dove on a journey that will put her through even more danger. Her story continues in Erin Lorence’s Fanatic Surviving. The book picks up several months after […]

Storm Rising

Storm Rising is another captivating book from Ronie Kendig. Leif Metcalfe, while still puzzling over past events, is thrust into a mission involving a plot to bring about the Apocalypse. As if that weren’t enough, he finds more trouble along the way. With all the struggles faced by the characters, the plot is easy to […]

Fire Storm

Fire Storm has a great story and is one that makes you feel like you’re there watching as things unfold. Nancy Mehl’s book had my attention after the first page and I didn’t want to stop reading. Besides the gripping plot, the characters are described well enough that you can picture them. Their personalities are […]

Dragon’s Fire

As people rises to war under the evil influence of a black dragon, others in the land must put aside differences and doubt to stop the darkness from overtaking everything. I read the summary of this book and wanted to read it since it is a genre I like to read. Though the plot is […]

All Manner of Things

The Jacobson family has settled into a new normal since the dad, Frank, left. The raging war in Vietnam is going to cause that, and the family members, to change. Susie Finkbeiner’s All Manner of Things gets a hold of you and doesn’t let go as the Jacobsons learn about themselves and dealing with others. […]

The Last Man at the Inn

Simon of Cyrene is well known because of his carrying the cross when Jesus was too weak, but little else is known about this man. In The Last Man at the Inn, R. William Bennett writes what Simon’s life could have been like. The book paints an idea of what it could have been like […]

Core 52

Most Christians agree that they would like to know the Bible better, but doing that is another story. Whatever reason is given for not learning more Bible, Core 52, by Mark E. Moore, can help you get an understanding of 52 important passages. Each topic is meant to be read in a short time, so […]

Dove Strong

Dove Strong is the first book of a trilogy, and is a great start to the series. The story gets your attention and holds it throughout the book. Erin Lorence’s attention to detail makes it easy to imagine the events as you read them and paints a clear picture of the characters. Besides the great […]

Brand Identity Essentials

When the word brand is used, the first thing that often comes to mind is a logo. However, this is only part of a brand and there is a lot more that must be considered. In Brand Identity Essentials, Kevin Budelmann and Yang Kim cover what all a brand is, and what goes into creating […]


For many reasons, some of them innocent or ignorant, Christians have taken Bible verses out of context and changed their meaning. Often times, this leads to us thinking the Bible is all about us. In Misquoted, Dan Suelzle aims to show that this isn’t the case. Instead, the Bible is actually about Jesus for us. […]