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Myths of Marketing

Marketing can hold different meanings to different people. Some people cringe when they hear it, afraid of having to navigate all the nuances of it. Others chalk marketing up to companies trying to get your money. Regardless of how you feel about it, there are many myths that people have bought into about marketing. These […]

Flipping ADHD on its Head

When I grew up, the diagnosis of ADHD wasn’t as prevalent. Over the years, I’ve seen it described as a problem, a benefit, and as an excuse to misbehave. I wanted to read this book to better understand how I could be helpful to the people I know with ADHD. After providing background information and […]

A Public Missiology

Somewhere in history, missions came to mean going to another place to share the gospel. Maybe overseas, maybe just to another part of the country, but you had to leave and go to someplace other than where you live. Gregg Okesson writes that though this type of missions is needed, it can lead to neglect […]

Collision of Lies

A seemingly chance meeting in a restaurant sets Detective Amara Alvarez on an unexpected mission for answers and justice. The deeper she goes, the more questions arise as to what is going on, and who is behind it. Collision of Lies is a gripping story that blends several elements into a great plot. The main […]

Small Groups Made Easy

If you are ever asked to lead a small group, it can seem intimidating. What is going to be expected of you? What happens if people don’t come? How do I handle questions that I can’t answer? These and other thoughts can make you doubt your ability to lead. Ryan Lokkesmoe addresses the concept of […]

The Witness

Joseph is being held in the Facility, a place where he has little freedom, and even less information about. After the Machine shows up and Joseph learns that it is there to record his story, he shares the highs and lows of his life and faith. As Joseph goes through his life, he discovers times […]

Weapons of Remorse

Hank Phillips works for a second amendment advocacy group, but lately he’s been wondering about being so close to guns. Through an unexpected turn of events, the lives of his family and friends, plus the lives of people he has never met, are turned upside-down. We have heard about so many mass shootings recently that […]

100 Days to a Healthier Church

“Reading this book will be easy. Doing this book will be hard.” That is an accurate description of 100 Days to a Healthier Church. Many churches are thriving, many are not. Whether your church is thriving or not, there are areas that can probably use some work. Just announcing that something is going to change […]

The Grumble-Free Year

Complaints and grumbling are all around us today, and inside of most of us. Tricia Goyer and her family set out on a year’s effort to stop the grumbling they had come to fall back on. In it, they learned more about the cause of complaining, and how God has much better things than grumbling […]

The End of the Magi

Myrad is adopted by a Hebrew magi and is taught the ways of the magi. Having a dream about the star that announces the birth of the Messiah, Myrad is set upon an adventure that takes him into danger. Through it all, he learns about himself, others, and God’s plan for his life. Patrick W. […]