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Soul Raging

Leif Metcalfe has been through a lot, and is learning that things have not always been as he thought they were. He is still determined to stop the final war that was prophesied in the Book of Wars, but he now has to question what his role is going to be. His friends are equally […]

From Social Media to Social Ministry

Social media has changed many aspects of life. Though some have denied and resisted it, churches are being affected by the internet too. Congregations have to make a choice as to whether they will utilize social media as part of their ministries, or get left behind. There are several opinions and strategies held by churches […]

The Right Kind of Fool

After losing his hearing when he was younger, Loyal has grown up shielded from all sorts of danger, and the chance of being normal. His dad moved up on the mountain out of fear and shame. However, a murder turns Loyal’s family life upside down while, at the same time, setting it back on the […]

Raising Exceptional Children

I grew up as an exceptional child. It didn’t create a stigma for me personally, but it did require some extra work. There were many other kids in my school that had a tougher time than I did, and now I have friends and family that are facing similar situations. The idea of forcing a […]

Having a Bad Day

Everyone has days that don’t go as planned. What needs to be remembered is that there is Someone bigger than your bad days. This book contains 200 verses that point you to that fact. The verses are not in any particular order, but the topics they address are included, and you can look up the […]

Burden of Proof

Ethan Barrett has accepted his life ending in a short time, but suffers more from regrets from his past. He is unexpectedly given an opportunity to change things and redo part of his life. He also gains the chance to save his brother. I read every David Bunn book I can get because they are […]

The Conqueror

I started this book expecting a good story based on what is known about the events with imaginative details added to create the rest. It started out pretty good with characters that fit what I would have pictured. However, it seemed like the story began to drag on about halfway through. In my opinion, it […]

Nature Play Workshop for Families

With all of the electronic activities available, there is still much for kids to do outside. The Nature Play Workshop for Families provides fun activities that help kids learn while enjoying being outside. Broken down into the four seasons, with a section of activities that can be done any time of the year, the book […]

Shadow in the Dark

With his village burned down and his memory gone, a boy receives a new identity. While hoping that his memory and life will return, he stumbles on a mystery that gives him a purpose, even after he learns the fate of his family. Xan, as he is now known, sets out to find the person […]

The Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks

A few years ago, I started tracking how much complaining I did. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I was griping far too much. Since then, I have been seeking God’s wisdom on changing my outlook. The Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks fit right in with what I was looking for. Before […]