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The Witness

Joseph is being held in the Facility, a place where he has little freedom, and even less information about. After the Machine shows up and Joseph learns that it is there to record his story, he shares the highs and lows of his life and faith. As Joseph goes through his life, he discovers times […]

Weapons of Remorse

Hank Phillips works for a second amendment advocacy group, but lately he’s been wondering about being so close to guns. Through an unexpected turn of events, the lives of his family and friends, plus the lives of people he has never met, are turned upside-down. We have heard about so many mass shootings recently that […]

100 Days to a Healthier Church

“Reading this book will be easy. Doing this book will be hard.” That is an accurate description of 100 Days to a Healthier Church. Many churches are thriving, many are not. Whether your church is thriving or not, there are areas that can probably use some work. Just announcing that something is going to change […]

The Grumble-Free Year

Complaints and grumbling are all around us today, and inside of most of us. Tricia Goyer and her family set out on a year’s effort to stop the grumbling they had come to fall back on. In it, they learned more about the cause of complaining, and how God has much better things than grumbling […]

The End of the Magi

Myrad is adopted by a Hebrew magi and is taught the ways of the magi. Having a dream about the star that announces the birth of the Messiah, Myrad is set upon an adventure that takes him into danger. Through it all, he learns about himself, others, and God’s plan for his life. Patrick W. […]


Daniel Christianson assembles a team of highly skilled people to find the Garden of Eden. Though trouble is expected in the unknown, they find more than they bargained for. However, not all of the surprises are bad. Alexine presents an interesting idea; that of being able to travel to the Garden of Eden. With that, […]

A Cross to Kill

After a harrowing rescue, John Cross fully retires as a covert operative to live as a pastor, and to leave his old life in the past. However, an old assignment brings someone bent on revenge, and Cross is thrust back into the life he wants to leave. Andrew Huff’s A Cross to Kill is a […]

Whole Farm Management

Though farms are not as widespread as the once were, they are still vital the country. They provide food and goods to people across the land. People who are looking to get into farming may not have the benefit of asking family members who have experience in it. Whole Farm Management can help provide the […]

Deadly Deceit

Vivian DeMarco planned to stay in Walton long enough to transition to a job at a large newspaper. Her goal of keeping people at a distance begins to unravel when a series of crimes with strange circumstances occur. As she works with Deputy Ryan Frost, she begins to see her original plans are not going […]

Epic Air Fryer Cookbook

I’ve been using an air fryer for over a year. I have staples that I exclusively cook in it, but have been wondering what else I could use it for so that I didn’t have to heat up the oven, or settle for soggy food from the microwave. Seeing the Epic Air Fryer Cookbook instantly […]