From Tablet to Table

Something important has begun to disappear from the Body of Christ. When we gather, either as families or congregations, it tends to be a cursory visit. The community that early Christians had has been replaced with quick visits that seem almost obligatory. Leonard Sweet explains what needs to change in From Tablet to Table.

Using how Jesus spent time with the people He ministered to, and how other cultures have shared the Christian faith with their children, Sweet shows that community is vital. It lets the story of life and faith be shared, instead of it being reduced to bullet points. One of the best ways to do this is around the table. Jesus shared food with a lot of people, and we can follow His example. Sweet explains how to build this method of fellowship in your home, church, and community.

Though there is a lot of useful information, the book is fairly short, and it is easy to read. It reinforces a push to make churches a community body again, instead of a duty that you have to do.

I received a free copy of From Tablet to Table from Tyndale House Publisher in exchange for this review.

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