Stealing from God

Atheists want to prove that we have no need of God, and are quick to offer reasons why He doesn’t exist. On the surface, these reasons sound like they have merit, but there are flaws in their logic. The basis of their arguments require God’s existence. Frank Turek tells why as he examines how atheists are Stealing from God.

Using five areas (causality, reason, information and intentionality, evil, and science), Turek shows how the very ways atheists are trying to disprove God require Him to exist so that they can be true. Both viewpoints in each area are explained and he shows why the materialistic view falls short.

Though Turek goes into detail for each point, the book is easy to understand. Even difficult concepts are explained in a way that can be comprehended. He remains truthful without purposely bashing the atheists. In that, he displays how to correct people in a Christ-like manner.

I believe this book is a great resource for all Christians. Even if you aren’t a pastor, being able to respond when someone asks if God exists, or tries to disprove Him, is something we should be able to do. Though you won’t necessarily be able to win a debate after reading this book, you will be better informed and able to talk with someone if they ask.

I received a free copy of Stealing from God from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for this review.

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