Bound to be Free

BoundFreeIt is so easy to get fooled into thinking that you have to complete a certain amount of tasks before you make God’s “Good List.” It is reminiscent of getting a gold star for doing your homework in school. This is completely wrong, and D. A. Horton shares the reasons why and how to escape this trap in Bound to be Free.

First off, there was a lot I had to take in because this is something I face constantly. I too often push the concept of doing God’s work into always doing something. I get to the point that I think I have to actively pursue God’s love.

Horton uses TRAP as an acronym to explain why it is bad to live based on performance, trying to earn God’s, and people’s, affection. He then uses it to explain that God loves us unconditionally and how we need to live in His grace and work with others instead of trying to be like, or better than, they are.

Horton wrote this book so that reading it seems like you’re sitting across from him while he talks. He doesn’t give the impression that he is perfect, in fact, he admits and shares his mistakes in learning to stay out of the performance trap. It was an informative and encouraging book to read.

I received a free copy of Bound to be Free from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for this review.

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