How to Be a Perfect Christian

It’s important for Christians to learn and grow so that they can be more Christ-like. There are many books that explain what the Bible says about the Christian life, but there can be room for another helpful one. How to Be a Perfect Christian is not one of those. At least, not directly.

Written by the Babylon Bee, it gives a tongue-in-cheek process for getting closer to God. Touching on beliefs that are more common than they should be in churches, like only helping out when it gets you attention, the book does bring to light things that we shouldn’t be pursuing. By poking fun at some of the extremes Christians swing to, it gives you a different perspective.

This book is satire, and you need to keep that in mind as you read, but it is entertaining. It is an equal opportunity book, as it doesn’t just pick on one denomination or church type. How to Be a Perfect Christian is a great way to have a little fun while watching that you don’t get too full of yourself in your Christian walk.

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