Typography Essentials

Oftentimes, the font is seen as just the words, and not as important as what they say or the pictures that are included. However, the proper font can convey just as much, and sometimes more, meaning than pictures. In fact, choosing the font, and its characteristics is an important part of graphic design.

In Typography Essentials, Ina Saltz shares what needs to be taken into consideration font-wise in a design piece. Though the particular font chosen is a big consideration, others include the weight, style, size, and position. The reasons for each aspect is given, and examples that show different applications of the aspect are provided.

Over the years, I have spent more time on choosing fonts and matching them to the message being conveyed in my designs. Though I had already learned about many of the principles of typography, I realized that I couldn’t explain several of them if I were asked why I incorporated them. Others were things that I hadn’t put much thought into.

Typography Essentials is a great book to keep on hand when designing, print or screen, is part of what you do. The information it contains can help you create a design that grabs attention and communicates your intended message.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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