Layout Essentials

Slapping some words and pictures on a page and calling it done rarely works. Planning for the design helps keep the final result readable and organized. In Layout Essentials, Beth Tondreau shares 100 ways to use grids in designs.

The book is full of practical tips to use to make sure people can understand what you are saying in your design, while keeping it interesting. Each tip is accompanied with examples and illustrations to let you see how it is applied.

Divided into the types of grids, like single and multi column, the sections are easy to understand and apply. The reasons for each layout style are explained so that you can better incorporate them into your work, not just recite them as a set of rules.

I’ve been exposed to designing using grids, albeit without thinking about it as such. I tend to stick with single and double columns, but seeing the options, and how to properly use them, I’m going to try to branch out and change up my designs. Incorporating different layouts and using colors as more than just highlights will open up a lot more possibilities. This will keep my clients, and me, from getting bored with the same old thing.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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