American Omens

Americans are being subtly influenced by the technology they’ve grown to trust. A band of people led by a mysterious man sets out to reveal the conspiracy of a secret group to control the American people. In American Omens, Travis Thrasher weaves a story that, while being fiction, seems like it could become reality.

The plot of the book is both gripping and illustrative. The characters are normal people put into unexpected circumstances. Each is described well enough that you understand them and their personalities. The events are fast paced and keep you wanting to see what will happen next. Those are enough to make it a good book, but there is more to it.

The book contains both warnings and encouragement. In American Omens, people of America became complacent and didn’t mind their freedoms being eroded. They were then able to be controlled by a small group of people. They also decided that God was unnecessary, or even harmful. Though the events of the book may not happen word for word, we can use them as reminders.

On the positive side, the small group of “rebels” worked together to expose the corruption and spread the gospel. They have to trust one another, and remember that things are not centered around them. Most of the group are Christians, and faith plays an important role in what they do and why they do it.

I received a free copy of American Omens from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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