Paul the Apostle

The story of Paul found in Acts shows how he went from persecuting Christians to preaching Christ. The lessons found in this book are helpful for all Christians, but may not be something that younger Christians can easily connect with. Paul the Apostle helps bridge that gap by telling the story of Paul in a graphic novel form.

This version of Paul’s life and ministry stays true to the Bible, but presents it in a way that interests younger people and will hold their attention better. Ben Avery did a great job in writing what the Bible says into this format and Mark Harmon’s illustrations create a science fiction look that will keep readers focused.

Presenting the Bible in the form of a graphic novel opens its message up to a generation that has grown up with this style of literature. It gives Christians a way to meet this generation on a level where they can understand what the Bible says while keeping the message intact. What I really like is that this book is not meant to be a Bible replacement. Paul the Apostle is meant to steer readers to the Bible and find out how awesome it really is. In fact, the passages used in the storyline are referenced at the bottom so that readers can see where they come from

I enjoyed reading this book. There were a few spots that I had trouble finding the place to start reading, but that is due to my not growing up with comic books. In most of the places I had trouble, there are visual cues to show you where the text begins. I believe that this book will be helpful in introducing the book of Acts to many people of all ages.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through the book review program in exchange for this review.

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