The Land Lord

Agent Dain Ryder is placed on White House duty, which is not as exciting as what he is used to. However, he is soon pulled into a small group that has to stop a plot aimed to take over two countries while eliminating anyone who gets in the way. He finds that is it difficult to know who can be trusted in The Land Lord.

Dain struggles with more than just finding out who is behind the plot. He is still dealing with pain caused by his family being hurt by Chinese people. This pain makes it hard to work with some of the other team members, who are Chinese. This pain also caused him to walk away from God, and he must deal with this as the pressure mounts.

Cheryl Colwell is great at blending several genres into her books so that they appeal to many different people. Action, suspense, current events and politics, with some romance mixed in create a story that is entertaining and keeps your finger poised to turn to the next page. There are plenty of twists that keep the ending from being obvious. I also like that faith is a supporting theme in the book. It is subtle, but characters clearly seek God’s guidance and forgiveness.

I received a free copy of this book as part of the BookCrash program, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Philip, thank you for your comments. What you described is exactly what I was reaching for when I wrote this story. So glad you enjoyed it!

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