The Golden Vial

After losing her family, all Dally knows is servitude and fear. Then, she is contacted by Queen Shona and given the opportunity to save her hometown, Hyam, and the country. All she has to do is find The Golden Vial.

This is a fantasy book, but there are several points that can be taken from it. Dally must rise above her past and face her calling. This also means that she has to shake off the fear that has been holding her back from using her abilities, and from trusting others. She has to endure physical hardship and tough choices to help others.

Thomas Locke’s latest book in the Legends of the Realm series continues the story, and the great writing. The characters are easy to get to know and go through personal struggles that we can relate to. Fear, choosing the right thing even when it is inconvenient, trusting others, these are all things that we experience, and The Golden Vial provides a teaching opportunity because of its subject matter and the appeal it holds for certain readers.

I enjoyed reading this book, and I wasn’t ready for it to end. I was able to give my imagination a nice workout with the events in the story.

I received a free copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for this honest review.

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