Praying to Change Lives

Few Christians would disagree with praying, yet it is something that many feel unqualified to do. Sometimes the results are disappointing, and prayer loses its luster. In Praying to Change Lives, Jody Brolsma shares how prayer isn’t some art that takes years of practice before you reach a level at which God will listen, but something that all can do.

The book is written in way that is easy to understand and in which everyone can relate to what is being said. It is practical and the concepts are simple to use. Many who avoid prayer think that their words have to be eloquent and just right, or the prayer will be ineffective. Jody Brolsma encourages people to not worry about the specific wording and pray what is one your heart. God will understand and answer.

She writes to not just ask God to help someone as a means to say you’ve prayed for them, but to be specific. We need to have compassion for others, not just wish them well when they tell us of the problem they are facing. We should be willing to share in their pain.

I think that every Christian, no matter of their age or how long they have been a Christian, can benefit from this book. It presents a view on intercessory prayer that has been lost in some circles, but needs to be brought back into use.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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