There is a group that believes the world would be better off without Christians and Christianity. Have Christians caused all the trouble and discord they get blamed for? Or has Christianity had a positive influence? Jeremiah J. Johnson’s Unimaginable shows how societies have been with and without Christianity in a concise format.

I wanted to read this because of how Christians are frequently portrayed as causing more harm than good. Though it isn’t necessarily the prevailing opinion, it is held by many people. They would prefer if Christians at least kept to themselves.

Unimaginable shows what societies were like before Christianity and without, and how they were often brutal places to live unless you were part of an upper class. In the final part, Johnson tells of the positive changes brought about by Christian beliefs and values in societies.

This book is written in a straight-forward way, but it can be dry in spots. I would say that this is due to trying to balance between the amount of information provided and the length of the book. There were times that I struggled to pay attention. I would have been fine with a longer book if it was written in a less scholarly format.

Overall, I liked the book for the information it contains.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


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