Amish Voices

Though there are Amish that live nearby, what I know of the Amish is indirect, and I don’t know how accurate or authentic it is. All it takes is one little misunderstanding, and the facts can be skewed. I wanted to read this book to see if I could learn more about the Amish and what they believe.

Amish Voices tells the history of the Amish and what beliefs they hold to. It goes deeper than just using horses and dressing differently than others, though they have good reasons for both of these. It describes their discipline, family life, raising children, and more. There were several that I think all people could learn from and practice. The discipline they show in adhering to their beliefs is something that all Christians should be using.

Even with the obvious differences, I saw many similarities to mainstream Christians. One that really stood out is the comment that many of their church members could quote church rules better than the Bible verses those rules are based on. Another similarity, and one that is not talked about much outside of their communities, is that they were heavily persecuted for their beliefs.

I won’t pretend that I would be able to fit into an Amish community, but I have a new appreciation for what they practice, and found that I can learn from them.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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