After being brought together through inexplicable circumstances, Brenda, Tank, Andi, and the Professor find themselves drawn into mysterious events. Each of them have different ideas about the cause, and different levels of interest in finding the answer. However, they form into a team, of sorts, as they learn more about their strange Invitation.

Though they hold different beliefs and come from different walks of life, each character is willing to put their self interest aside and help one another. As time goes on, they even begin to care about the others.

I like the plot, and how it deals with the war going on in the spiritual world. The fact that a different author (Bill Myers, Frank Peretti, Angela Hunt, Alton Gansky) wrote each part from the viewpoint of a different character helps the development of the characters and gives the book a twist.

There is one thing that I would prefer the book not to have. Though only one is actually written, there are numerous references to cussing. I’m going to chalk that up to keeping the character authentic, but I see absolutely no need to use or imply cuss words. Other than that, I like the story, and I like the way it is written.

I received a free copy of Invitation from Bethany House, but this did not influence my review.


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