Fanatic Surviving

After receiving the vote for the Reclaim, Dove is back home. But the struggle is not over as her grandmother intends to set the vote right. This sends Dove on a journey that will put her through even more danger. Her story continues in Erin Lorence’s Fanatic Surviving.

The book picks up several months after the first one ends. Dove is still facing her doubts, which makes her character so relatable. She has to stand alone with some of what she has been called to do, even though it would be more convenient and easier to conform. These problems come from both unbelievers and fellow Christians. Her story serves as an illustration of what Christians face while standing in their faith. She also lives out how we should love others, even when they believe differently than we do.

The plot does a good job of keeping your attention all the way through. With the descriptions, you can easily imagine what goes on, and the characters are realistic. The writing is clear and simple to understand. Though it is aimed at youth, I think adults can enjoy it, too.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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