I’ll Push You

What would it look like if we lived out our love? If we set ourselves aside to help others? Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray find out as they complete a 500 mile pilgrimage, one in a wheelchair, the other pushing.

I’ll Push You chronicles the journey of two friends as they travel the Camino de Santiago. Their journey is more than a physical one; it encompasses emotion and spiritual changes. They learned that an inability to do something is an opportunity to trust God’s provision, even when that provision comes through people He send.

The openness of Justin and Patrick as they share what they experienced allows for more that just reading about an incredible feat. You are able to get a sense of what they went through. Both tell about what they discovered while traveling the 500 miles across all kinds of terrain, and how they gained a better understanding of the love Christ called us to show one another. It gives you an opportunity to see how the church as a whole should be towards people, both those we know, and those we don’t.

This book is an encouragement to step outside of your comfort zone and seek God. He has plans for you, and is ready to guide you, if you’re willing to listen.

I received a free copy of I’ll Push You from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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