C. S. Lewis and Mere Christianity

Most people have heard of C. S. Lewis. Even if they have never read any of his books, they have heard a quote or reference to him. I had read Mere Christianity several years ago, but never took any time to consider what went into the book. I never thought about the life and circumstances that led up to one of the best known Christian classics.

Paul McCusker tells about the life events that shaped Lewis’ outlook and beliefs. The wars he endured, both literal wars, and struggles within his relationships. I wouldn’t call it a biography, but a behind-the-scenes look at Lewis’ life.

Focusing mainly on World War II, McCusker tells how Lewis got started in teaching, speaking, and writing. How he wanted to serve his country during the war, but realized that there was a deeper need to address.

I have a new understanding of Mere Christianity now, as well as the other works of C. S. Lewis. I did not realize that he had faced that many struggles. The fact that he didn’t lay down and pout, but moved forward is refreshing and encouraging. In fact, he not only moved forward, but worked to bring others with him.

C. S. Lewis and Mere Christianity is informative and shows the background of Lewis’s work that many may not know about. I enjoyed reading it and learning about Lewis.

I received a free copy of the book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for this honest review.

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