Anna is a scientist for the PSC, but is also secretly a Christian. This cannot be leaked out, as all religion has been banned. After the announcement of alien life is made, she abandons her faith. Through all that happens, she learns that God never abandoned her.

Remnant has several things going for it, and that make it an engaging book. The story has enough action to hold your attention. It isn’t a real fast paced action, but it moves along smoothly and gives you time to think about what is going on. There are many different characters involved, and though their lives are separated at first, they come together in the end. The way this is accomplished is well done and it all fits together nicely.

In addition to the good story, the matter of trusting God is at the forefront. Anna faces challenges to her faith, but eventually realizes that God’s love and trustworthiness is not dependent on hers. Many of the characters come to the same conclusion as they see the events unfold. They also realize the danger of blindly following someone based on reputation.

Overall, Remnant is a good story with a good message.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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