Fatal Trust

Ian Wells does his best to do the right thing. He isn’t out to become a rich lawyer, but instead tries to be fair. With mounting bills and his mother’s health declining, a new client promising a substantial fee sounds like just what he needs. However, he finds himself in something bigger than he first thought.

In Fatal Trust, Todd M. Johnson has written a great story that is entertaining to read. Though it is obvious that trouble is going to come from what Ian Wells does, there are several twists that keep the story interesting. There are several characters that get involved, but they are easy to keep track of and are well developed.

The action moves along quickly, but it isn’t hard to keep up with it. Enough details are given so that you can relate to the people and events, but not so many that you get bogged down by them. Johnson’s writing lets you get immersed into the story, and you can picture the events as they happen.

Ian Wells faces several tough decisions, and has to make the choice between standing on his principles and compromising them, even when he stands to make a lot of money on the compromise. It serves as a good way for us to take stock of the similar challenges we face in our day to day lives.

I received a free copy of Fatal Trust from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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