Something Needs to Change

Churches around the world talk about reaching the lost with the gospel. The problem is, talking is where it often stops. After a trek through the Himalayas, David Platt realized that Something Needs to Change.

Just like thousands of other church attenders, I have heard about spreading the gospel more times than I can count. I heard statistics and pleas, but they were impersonal. Though I did not take the journey with David Platt in person, his account did make the need more real. To hear about the problems faced in this part of the world, and realize that they are not just numbers, is chilling. And the fact is, things like this happen everywhere.

His message, that something needs to happen, something more than talk, is a message that all Christians should take to heart. It is time that we act on what we say. Something Needs to Change is a call to action that should cause us to carry the gospel with us at all times, and share it whenever the opportunity arises.

This book is one that cuts to the heart of our mission as the church. We should be heart-broken over people dying without having heard the gospel. And that should motivate us to use what God has given us, where He places us, in order to minister and witness to people. I now must take a look at whether the faith and love I proclaim is active, or just something I speak about when it seems fitting.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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