The Importance of Now

Growing up without his dad, Aiden wants to know what he was like. Though his mother is hesitant, she lets Aiden look at letters that tell the story of his dad’s life. Through it all, Aiden learns that there is often more to people that shows on the surface and how forgiveness serves an important part of life.

Told through a mix of flashbacks and present day conversation, the story shows how reactions to mistakes can help or hurt relationships. Shawn is given the opportunity to mentor a group of boys and share his experiences. The reactions from those involved vary, but illustrate what we will go through as we interact with people. Even if we do not mentor a group, our actions will be seen and can influence others. Like Shawn, we will have to make a choice on what we are going to do towards those around us. This book is worth reading by older children up through adults for that reason.

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