Sent Rising

Dove Strong has endured a lot recently. Becoming a delegate sent to take her families vote on the Reclaim, captured and forced to endure dangerous ordeals for a TV show, and then selected to live among the unsaved to show them God’s love. Now, she struggles to find missing Christians while facing the threat of misled Christians that plan to start the Reclaim by force.

In Sent Rising, Erin Lorence completes Dove’s story that has led her into realizing God loves all people, and that His forgiveness is available to all. The action moves along briskly, but it’s easy to keep track of both the characters and what is happening. There are a few twists that keep interesting. In fact, the entire story line is brought together in a conclusion that I didn’t expect.

Throughout the book, Dove, and several others, learn more about following God. Dove learns to seek God’s will before jumping into action. She also learns about the balance between God’s just wrath and His mercy and grace. Though the book is aimed at youth, this message is something that all Christians need to know. Erin Lorence does a great job of communicating biblical truths through her stories.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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