As a Shield

Davis Morgan moved back to his hometown of Adairsville to get a fresh start. While helping his daughter prepare for her marriage, he finds himself involved in a dangerous mystery. As he tries to get to the bottom of it, he finds out that God really does surround him As a Shield.

Throughout the story, David works to find out who is behind all the trouble in Adairsville, while making sure his friends and family are safe. In the process, he must also figure out his feelings for his daughter’s roommate and what God has planned for him.

Overall, the story was good. The plot was entertaining and there were enough twists to keep the solution from being obvious. The characters were nicely developed, and you could get a sense of knowing them. That is something that a fictional story needs in order for you to stay interested and Danny and Wanda Pelfrey did a good job on that.

Though the problem in the storyline was resolved, an opening was left for the next book.

The only thing that I have a reservation about is that the speech patterns seemed awfully formal for a small southern town. Contractions weren’t as widespread as I would expect and the g in -ing endings was always pronounced. This doesn’t really have any bearing on the story, it is just a personal opinion based on my growing up and living in a similar type of town. I would still recommend the book to others.

I received a free copy of As a Shield from the publisher as part of the BookCrash program.

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