The Rusted Scalpel

After being blinded by terrorists, Dr. Nicklaus Hart is trying to adjust to his new conditions. As he begins to trust God for guidance, he also experiences the miracle healing of his sight. While on a trip with his friend, he gets an opportunity to work for a pharmaceutical company, but finds out that there may be bad side effects, from the latest drug and the job in The Rusted Scalpel by Timothy Browne, MD.

The book had both an interesting and thought-provoking plot. It started out with a subtle hold on your attention, but the hold became stronger as the story progressed. At the end of each chapter, I was left wanting to know what would happen next, how would the current situation be resolved?

What makes the book even better is the strong message of trusting God, especially for guidance when you face tough decisions. Several of the characters turn to Him when they have to make a choice. Miracles are celebrated as God showing His kindness and blessings. Opportunities for the characters to share the gospel came up, and they made use of those opportunities.

Even though I liked the plot, I was put off by the cussing in the book. It wasn’t on every page, but I saw no reason for it. The emotions could have been conveyed without using foul language.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through the book review program. All opinions are my own.

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