I frequently break down long words and see what other words can be made from the letters, so a game where you’re given letters and play to form words seemed like a good thing to try.

The instructions are simple, and you can get started playing the game in just a few minutes. Though there are many games that are based on forming words, Re-W-or-D-A-ble has a few differences. The main one is that you can add to another player’s word and take it for your own.

I thinkĀ Re-W-or-D-A-ble is good for all ages, since it is not just fun, it can be a challenge to use. There are three types of cards: one letter, two letter, and three letter cards. This makes it harder to form words depending on what cards you get in your hand.

The only problem I have with it is that the cards are small. I have large hands, and bigger cards would have made playing the game easier for me. Other than that, it is a fun game. You can use it to just relax with friends, or even challenge your kids to help them build their vocabulary.

I received this game for free as part of the Blogging for Books program.

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