The Girl Behind the Red Rope

Grace, along with her mother, brother, and many others, has spent the last 10 years living in seclusion to stay safe from the Fury. Protected by a mysterious being, they must abide by the rules, and stay within the set boundaries. Grace and her brother, Jamie, set of a chain of events that calls everything they believe into question in The Girl Behind the Red Rope.

This book is one that not only makes you want to keep reading, but gives you something to think about as you read. As the story progresses, and you learn about the characters, twists begin to appear. Things that looked to be straight-forward are revealed to be false, people who were trusted are shown to be mistaken or deceived. The truth comes out, but from an unexpected source. The book was hard to put down.

With the interesting plot comes a message that living in fear prevents us from seeing the truth. I don’t want to spoil how the book ends, so I will just leave it at this: it is easy to start worshiping rules instead of God.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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