Bible Trivia for Kids

Getting kids to read, regular books and the Bible, can be tricky. The Bible can be especially problematic because it seems difficult to understand. However, they become more willing when they get to read it in a way that they can share what they just learned. It can be extra special if they can quiz their parents over what they just read. Katrina Cassel provides kids a way to do just that in The One Year Book of Bible Trivia for Kids.

Set up as a one year devotional, kids have a particular topic for each day. Each entry starts with a multiple choice question that has to do with the topic. Then there is a short piece that explains what the Bible says about the topic. After that is a section that explains how it applies to the child directly, the answer to the question, and then a key verse for the day. The rest of the passage is also listed so that the child can see everything in context.

Each entry in the book is easy to understand, the words are ones that most children will already be familiar with. The entries are a page each, but there is enough information in each one that kids get a good understanding of the passage and topic referenced. With what is given, kids will be able to go talk with their parents about what they learned and then they can all talk about it.

I recommend this book for parents who are looking for ways to get their children to go deeper in God’s word, or who need a different method to get their child to open God’s word.

I received a free copy from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for reviewing it.

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