God Gave Us the Bible

Introducing your child to the Bible is important, but not always easy. Even if you’ve grown up reading the Bible, it can be hard to share what it says with young minds. God Gave Us the Bible works to bridge that gap.

Containing 45 stories from the Bible, God Gave Us the Bible is written in words that children can easily understand. Kids can learn along with Little Cub and her friends and Mama Bear tells what the Bible says about God’s love, from creation to Jesus’ death and resurrection to the spread of the church. Each story is easy to read and illustrated with colorful pictures that children can look at as they listen to the words.

To help parents, the passages that the stories come from are listed. This allows them to look up answers that may not be covered in the stories, and lets older children find and read the stories in the Bible so that they can see more details.

I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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