The Right Kind of Fool

After losing his hearing when he was younger, Loyal has grown up shielded from all sorts of danger, and the chance of being normal. His dad moved up on the mountain out of fear and shame. However, a murder turns Loyal’s family life upside down while, at the same time, setting it back on the right path.

The murder serves as a catalyst that changes the attitudes of several people in the story. The main characters, and a few supporting characters, must come to grips with how they have been living and decide whether or not they will continue living that way. Though God is only mentioned a few times, His messages of forgiveness and obedience are clearly seen. The action and suspense of the investigation are at the forefront of the story, but these themes are at work in the characters.

Loyal and his family and friends grow closer to one another and learn that disabilities are only a hindrance if you allow them to be. Since we are all different in some way, there is no need to be ashamed of your differences.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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