The Martyr’s Oath

Christians know about persecution, we’ve been warned by Jesus that it will happen. However, many of us don’t face anything worse than name calling and being avoided. There have been millions in other countries that have been beaten, imprisoned, and killed for following Christ. In The Martyr’s Oath, Johnnie Moore leaves us with a simple question, are we willing to live for the Jesus they died for?

Using the oath that Christians graduating from a seminary in India recite and commit to, Moore tells about people who have sacrificed relationships, possessions, and even their lives in the name of Jesus. They did not let fear stop them from sharing the gospel with those who needed to hear it.

I have heard of Christians being put in jail and killed for not denying Jesus. Seeing these stories brought a new perspective and depth to the issue. Though I may not ever face what other Christians face, I cannot pretend it doesn’t happen.

The Martyr’s Oath reasserts the call Jesus gave each Christian to be ready to forsake all they have. We need to be aware that following Jesus will have a cost, and we need to decide if we are willing to pay it.

Johnnie Moore admits that a lot of Christians won’t face the level of persecution related in the book. That doesn’t mean we can go along and ignore what happens. He gives us practical ways to help, including telling legislators, praying, and giving to groups that help persecuted Christians.

I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for my honest review.

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