True Identity

There are a lot of sources that teens turn to in their search for a personal identity, all the different types of media, celebrities, people around them. This can lead many teens to form a mixed up, and even flat out wrong view of who they are supposed to be. Our true identity, no matter how old we get, can only be found in Christ. John C. Majors’ True Identity does a good job of relating this idea to teens.

Written in a way that teenagers can understand and relate to, the book seeks to help them find the right places to look for who they are. We grow up surrounded by people, and Majors cautions readers to pattern their lives after those people who are good examples. Unlike what society tends to say, popularity is not an automatic qualification that a person is a good role model.

The book is about finding your identity in Christ, and Majors uses verses from the Bible throughout the book. However, the tone does not come across as being preachy, so teens would be more likely to stick with reading it.

I would have liked to have had a book like this when I was growing up. Having a clear and concise source of how to form a Biblical identity would have been nice. Though it is aimed at teens, I believe adults could find it useful to use when talking with their kids.

I recieved a free copy of True Identity from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.

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