How to Think

I often find myself wondering if people do that much thinking anymore. There are times that it seems like people live by the idea of act now, and think about it later if you have time. I try to think things through, but I had someone once tell that I thought too much. Having said that, I wonder if I am among those who have forgotten How to Think.

Alan Jacobs brings to the surface some misunderstood facets of thinking. The one that stuck with me most is how we automatically disagree with people just because they belong to a group we don’t agree with. As Jacobs said in the books, we aren’t always as open-minded as we think we are.

There were parts that were written above my head, but I could probably get an idea of what they meant if I re-read them a few more times. I believe the book is needed during this time of disagreeing and protesting and general griping. People seem to jump on whatever ideology is popular and support it without getting the facts. I am not going to say I totally agree with everything said in the book, but I’ve decided to “wait 5 minutes” and not jump to any conclusions.

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

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