Though they have been through a lot already, Sean and Dillon are still learning about their new positions in life. After using their abilities to save a family friend, they find themselves on the wrong side of a secret group in the Human Assembly. Now, they must face another danger from people who want to upset the peace.

Thomas Locke’s Renegades is the second book in the Recruits series. The book picks up a little after the events of the first book, with Sean and Dillon in training for their responsibilities with the Assembly. Even with all they have been through, both are still working to cope with the new lives and changes. Plus, their relationship has grown colder than Sean would like.

There is plenty of action that keeps the story moving. Though there are two separate story lines at the start, with Sean and Dillon looking to stop a covert group, and Logan seeking to bring a wild area under control, Locke brings them together into a great finish. The split plot is easy to follow, but there are twists to keep it from being predictable.

What helps to make this book great is that it is more than just an entertaining story. The characters, though facing and using abilities seen only in science fiction, are believable and have personalities that you can relate to. They face the same type of struggles that most teens and young adults face. Relationships are strained, bonds are strengthened, they wonder if they are making the right choices. Renegades puts into story form moral decisions that we have to face even after reaching adulthood. This is a good way to help teens to better understand why their choices in these decisions are important.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

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