100 Days to a Healthier Church

“Reading this book will be easy. Doing this book will be hard.” That is an accurate description of 100 Days to a Healthier Church.

Many churches are thriving, many are not. Whether your church is thriving or not, there are areas that can probably use some work. Just announcing that something is going to change won’t work in most cases. Neither will just talking about it. This book gives a process that you can use to help your church get healthier.

Each step is clearly written and simple to understand. Karl Vaters makes the process something that church leaders can use no matter the church size or condition. He does a good job of ensuring the process can be adapted for each congregation. Included with each step is a series of devotionals to help keep the team from straying from the true purpose of doing God’s will in their local church.

Seeing your church decline is never something you want to encounter, but there is always hope if you turn to God for guidance. 100 Days to a Healthier Church gives you a way to focus on seeking God’s will on how to use what He has provided.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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