Made for His Pleasure

It’s easy to sink into a Christian walk that looks more like floating down a stream than having a direction and goal. We tend to gravitate towards whichever way is least difficult. Alistair Begg presents ten benchmarks that are evidence of a faith that is active and serving God in Made for His Pleasure.

We cannot expect to please God with our actions if all we are concerned about is getting through life without straining ourselves, or living just to garner attention and wealth. What is often seen as success in the world is not what God wants for us. Things such as spending quality time in prayer and reading the Bible, living in humility, and making sure our work is pleasing to God are some of what Alistair Begg writes about. The benchmarks listed do require that we rethink and examine our lives, but they are not impossible.

Although the book is short, there is plenty to think about in it. It’s written in a way that reminds me of a close friend talking one on one with you, offering help for your walk with God. Each benchmark is clearly explained and the tone is sincere and caring.

I received a free copy of the book from Moody Publishers in exchange for this honest review.

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