The Reluctant Disciple

Ryan Kates has made a successful career of seeking out the logical and natural explanations for what people call supernatural phenomena. When things that can’t be explained away, he is going to have to reconsider his long held beliefs, and he finds himself used as The Reluctant Disciple.

Jim O’Shea has done a great job at blending Biblical truth and lessons into an entertaining story. The plot moves along quickly and holds your attention. The characters are well described and the events in the story are easy to follow. There were a few spots that it seemed like the plot skipped ahead, but enough information was given to keep track of what had happened. It was mainly when a period of time had passed, and I wasn’t sure how much time had gone by. This doesn’t detract from the story, just something that I noticed.

Though we do not know exactly how the end times will come about or play out, Jim O’Shea has written a version that shows how it could happen, and it gives you some things to think about. One of the biggest things, I think, is how so many people will be deceived by false miracles and signs. In that way, the book serves as a warning to Christians to be on guard against false prophets.

I received a free copy of The Reluctant Disciple from the publisher as part of the BookCrash program. All opinions are my own.

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