Firefly Cove

Lucius Quarterfield returns to Miramar Bay, and the love of his life, just to die in her arms. He awakens as a different man in a different time, and with a chance to make changes in who he used to be.

I always enjoy reading Davis Bunn’s books, and Firefly Cove is no different. He is able to make new things seem familiar, and you can imagine being there with the characters as the story progresses. The characters themselves are easy to relate to and understand.

The plot of Firefly Cove is about love and relationships, but this theme is accompanied by other concepts that we can face in our lives. Lucius has to deal with others that, at best, don’t believe him and he has to adjust to being in a different time. Others struggle with reconciling what they see with what they know.

I did not expect the twist after Lucius’ death in the first chapter, and that made me want to read on and find out how things were going to turn out. Though the story is what I would call a little off the beaten path, it was easy to follow and entertaining to read. I highly recommend it.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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