The Curious History of the Riddle

I like riddles even though I am kind of lousy at solving them. Riddles invite us to start guessing no matter how hard they are, and then we are eager to try them on someone else when we get the answer. They have a long history, which this book presents. Covering riddles from ancient times […]

Myths of Social Media

It doesn’t matter where you stand on social media, it’s going to be around for a while. Both individuals and businesses use it, but there are many aspects of social media that have been misunderstood. Myths of Social Media addresses commonly held beliefs that are false, and what is actually true. Aimed at businesses, the […]

Ishmael Covenant

I like books with action and suspense, and this book has both. I just had trouble getting into it. I wasn’t able to connect with what was going on, so I felt more like a distant bystander than like I was right there as everything happened. However, I think that it is still a good […]

Silent Shadows

Pecca works with wounded vets to help them recover and deal with whatever they are struggling with. She came to Walton to protect her son from her past, and found friends there. When a new patient comes, she finds herself falling for him. However, her past is coming for her and she is facing something […]

A Practical Guide for Praying Parents

Parents cannot keep children protected from the dangers of the world by themselves. Some kids reject Christ outright, some drift away, some accept Christ and follow Him. The best tool that parents have to help their children is prayer. Erwin W. Lutzer gives practical help in A Practical Guide for Praying Parents. Praying for your […]

On Waiting Well

Throughout the Bible, we can see people that had to wait for God’s timing. We know that’s true, but how are we supposed to do that? On Waiting Well tells what biblical waiting entails and how it works. There are some things I can wait for without any problems, but most of the time I […]

A Death Well Lived

Lucius is a centurion, proud, loyal to Rome, and hungry for power. He takes his job seriously and despises Jews. After being sent to Jerusalem, he meets a rabbi that forces him to reconsider everything. Lucius witnesses miracles, new teachings, and A Death Well Lived. The story chronicles the change that Lucius goes through as […]

The Naming Book

The dream of starting a business has ups and downs. Often, one of the hard parts is picking a name that will stand out for all the right reasons. Brad Flowers has been there and helped others with the same issue. The Naming Book shares his method for naming businesses. Over the course of five […]

Kings Falling

The Book of Wars is still at the forefront of Reaper’s mission, but that is complicated by having to stop an organization that plans to usurp Bible prophecy. Leif has his own struggles with trying to keep his objectives clear while finding out what happened in the time span he can’t remember. Kings Falling continues […]